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your logo is the first item being observed by the buyer. the logo, in its unique construction and through the use of the company’s colors can affectively influence the perception of the client or, if it is not smartly drawn, can nevertheless be ignored. on the other hand, we have to keep in mind the media (lighters, pens, cars, business cards, posters ...) that will host it,  so as not to have any technological problems.
Vectorial graphics serves to create logos. They also are used as a starting point in 3D editing and web applications or multimedia apps ...
We provide promotion through Facebook network generating personal and business accounts. Facebook business accounts will have installed ...
HTML5 animations can have many applications, especially for web sites. They may be created entirely in HTML5 or just contain elements ...
Bucharest 1 - ROMANIA Phone: 0040.773.937.563 E-mail: hellodigitaloffice@gmail.com
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we use all available communication channels so that we can save time and money. we can hear each other and even you can see our display while working. let’s work online wherever you are!
Romania - Bucharest 2     l     E-mail: hellodigitaloffice@gmail.com     l     Phone: 0040.773.937.563     l     Skype ID: hellodigital
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